Our charity work

Ultimately, all our work, and a significant part of our income too, is dedicated to pursue one vision: to improve the life of disadvantaged people in Thailand. Our charity oriented activities are bundled under the roof of our charity initiative called "Skill Center Chiang Mai".


This initiative focuses on two goals:


1. We provide free-of-charge hippotherapy lessons to handicapped thai children. Currently, those are for children from two child care centers in Chiang Mai, namely the Dulalabthorn Foundation, the The Northern Welfare Center For The Mentaily Retarded. We facilitate three morning hippotherapy sessions per week, assisted by numerous volunteers.


2. We also provide education, employment, housing and income to our staff of generally disadvantaged thai ethnicities. We employ two horse grooms who live on the premises, receive a normal income and have all opportunities to learn the english language, general horse care, stable care, arena maintenance and even coach driving and horse riding. We are always heartbroken when they leave us for better opportunities, but we are proud that we could teach them how to build a better life for themselves and their families.


Please visit the website of the 'Skill Center Chiang Mai' for further information.