Tailored Riding Lessons

We teach riders of all ages and levels in a nurturing, laid back und fun atmosphere. Always accenting safety first, we celebrate progress as it comes naturally to each rider. We are teaching the horseback riding student to be a horseman, not just a rider.

Become the rider and horseman you want to be!

Junior Rider Program

Junior Rider is a program designed for our younger riders, aged 2-7 years.

We create a fun and safe environment where students will learn a good foundation of safety, confidence, and horse knowledge.

The Junior Riders program is meant to prepare students for our english riding lessons. They will acquire a basic understanding of how to groom a horse, how to sit correctly and ride a horse. They will also develop their longer term horse riding goals.

The lessons are half an hour one-on-one. Students help groom and tack up their horse (5-10 min), ride (20 min) and untack (5 min).

English Riding Lessons

Private and group riding lessons can be scheduled for those 7 years and older.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons are conducted by trained professional instructors in our outdoor arena.


EECCM's teaching philosophy is to teach about the whole horse from ground up with a special attention to the correct seat.


Safety for rider and horse is emphasized in everything we teach. Students will also learn how to correctly groom, tack, and lead horses.

Special needs

We provide specialised and bespoke physiotherapy on horseback for people of all ages with physical or mental handicaps. We work towards muscle strengthening, muscle stretching, body balance, improving self confidence and sometimes just providing a fun hour filled with merry laughter in a challenging life.

Show jumping

One of our main areas of expertise is training for show jumping. We have quiet safe horses for the beginner as well as more advanced horses to suit the more experienced rider. We train your ability to show jump with balance, confidence and sympathy.

Jungle riding

Do you like horse riding? Do you like the stunning landscape around Chiang Mai? Then join us for a half day riding tour!

Basic horse riding experience is required.

and more!

We do horse carriage rides, horsey kids birthday parties including all the catering and a lot more. If there's a horse involved, we'll be able to turn your fun idea into reality.

All lessons only by appointement!