Summer Pony Camp 2017

A summer of horseback riding fun awaits you at the Equestrian Education Center CM. The Camp will focus on core riding and Pony care skills. You will also learn how to drive the carriage.
Every day you will get a lesson on your horse or pony!
Eache day is packed full of fun and information such as:
Grooming and tack, horse behaviour, care, feeding, Games and Crafts.
Camp I 26.-30. June
You arrive at the Camp between 8 am to 9 am, the Camp finish every day at 3:30 pm.
At the last day of the Camp the students will prepare a show for the parents and friends, followed from a BBQ.
We provide drinking water and lunch.
Cost: 5 days Pony Camp 5600 Baht! DISCOUNT for early bird booking ONLY 4900 Baht, until 31. May (Pay Minimum 2500 Baht deposit)!
Make your booking: Call Mr. Lukas 085-70 79 468

A courageous little girl

One of those days where everything just goes right. The young lady, much challenged by Down Syndrome, had simply refused to even mount a horse for half a year, after some good initial progress. Her loving mom had not given up on her daughter and brought her to the Skill Center's hippotherapy sessions every single week, trying and trying again. Today, we just don't know why, the young lady decided to give it a fresh start again, and had so much fun on our Mario. Her mom was overjoyed, and we trainers and helpers feel deep satisfaction to provide assistance and fun to a child with special needs.

October 2014

The 'Skill Center Chiang Mai' is the charity project of the Equestrian Education Center Chiang Mai. Learn more.

Stable construction

Yay! We have just laid the foundations for our new stable!

August 2012

Balance is key...

A multitude of balancing excercises on horseback in our Junior Riding program.

March 2013


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